What is This Lojban Thing?

.i semo le lojbo

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David Montenegro

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Origins in Loglan

  • Lojban is descended from Loglan.
  • Loglan was invented by Dr. James Cooke Brown (a.k.a. JCB) in 1955.
  • Intended to test Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.
  • Published in Scientific American article, Loglan, June 1960.

Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

the structure of a language constrains the thinking of people using that language
strong form:
language limits thought
weak form:
language influences thought

The Loglan Institute

Brown founded the Loglan Institute (a.k.a. TLI).
From left: James Cooke Brown, Bob McIvor, and Alex Leith.

The Logical Language Group (a.k.a. LLG)

Loglan Family Tree

Other descendants of Loglan include Gua\spi, Ceqli, Loglish, Plan A, and Lojban++, and Legvaf.